15 Minute Block - Additional Color Correction

Ball Park Prices for Canvas Prints

Canvas Print including Stretching and top coat of choice, plus any edge style selected:
Canvas Size Price Recommended Support
4x5 $35.53 5/8" stretcher bar frame
5x7 $42.24 5/8" stretcher bar frame
6x9 $46.96 5/8" stretcher bar frame
8x10 $56.89 5/8" stretcher bar frame
11x14 $77.55 1" stretcher bar frame
16x20 $111.66 1" stretcher bar frame
18x24 $132.00 1 1/4" stretcher bar frame
24x36 $208.65 2" stretcher bar frame
  • Prices based on prints with appropriate stretcher bar size. May change if other bar size requested.
  • We recommend using thinner stretcher bars if you plan to frame the canvas after it's stretched.
  • Prices subject to change, and may vary according to other specifications.

Ball Park Prices for Paper Prints

  • Prices based on a single print with paper size exactly to size shown.
  • The more you buy of the same image with the exact same size, you will get price breaks that are automatically calculated.
  • Prices subject to change, and may vary according to other specifications.
Paper Size Hot Press Cold Press Innova Photo Matte Photo Luster Metallic Baryta Rag William Turner
4x5 $9.00 $9.00 $9.00 $9.00 $9.00 $9.00 $9.00 $9.00
5x7 $9.00 $9.00 $9.00 $9.00 $9.00 $9.00 $9.88 $10.00
6x9 $10.81 $10.86 $10.22 $9.84 $10.05 $10.92 $12.30 $12.48
8x10 $13.16 $13.24 $12.28 $11.72 $12.04 $13.32 $15.37 $15.64
11x14 $19.51 $19.66 $17.82 $16.74 $17.35 $19.82 $23.76 $24.28
16x20 $32.72 $33.04 $29.20 $26.96 $28.24 $33.36 $41.55 $42.64
18x24 $41.32 $41.75 $36.57 $33.54 $35.27 $42.18 $53.24 $54.71
24x36 $73.36 $74.22 $63.86 $57.81 $61.26 $75.09 $97.21 $100.14

Proofing & Color Correction


You are purchasing peace of mind knowing that you will have a file that will very closely resembles your original art and will last forever. The file that we create is kept in our archives. The file we capture is yours to have. We do not automatically give you the file but we would love to. Please bring in a flash drive so we can give you a copy of the file. It is always better to have a file in two places in case a computer crashes! We do not guaranty to keep you your files forever.


We Will Photo Capture Or Scan Your Art & Create A Digital File For You. Then We Print A Proof Strip That Allows You To Compare The Printed Colors Against The Original Art. Once You Approve The Proof, You Will Have The Ability To Order Prints Of That Image Directly On This Website In A Private Viewing Gallery.


Proofing is the preparation and approval process that will allow us to proceed with printing your image. It's always nice to see a sample of how the colors will print out before investing in a print. It is also a good idea to see just how the print will actually appear when printed on a given substrate.

We want you to be satisfied with the colors before we print, so when we produce a file from your original art, we also print a small proof strip for you to review and approve. The proof strip is a narrow sample printed full-scale so you may lay the printing strip over the original art to compare color side-by-side.

Once you've seen the proofs, you will have a better idea what to expect in terms of color and clarity. If you are not satisfied with the colors on the proof strip, you may purchase color-correction services for an additional fee. Once we are finished proofing the new file, you may order prints from our archives whenever you need them.


When we are creating a file from original art, we spend up to 15 minutes color correcting if necessary before printing a proof strip. This initial 15 minutes time is free. We have sophisticated NEW software and scanners that let us begin with a good file before we even start looking for color shifts that need corrected. We also utilize a Fujifilm GFX-100s Multishot Camera to achieve 400 megapixel image captures. Then we apply custom-calibrated adjustments that dial in the colors according to our lighting environment and the specified paper type. Our lead tech Katey is eager to make your files look amazing.

If you see something in your proof that you would like changed we will continue color correction at a rate of $22.50 per 15 minute block. Should you want to have us work on the file more, our technicians will do their best to estimate how much time it will take to make the said corrections to the file.

Should we have to remove art from frames, mats, or both, there are charges for this. We will quote these costs at the time your art is dropped off.


Some images are more difficult to match because of the constraints of using ink instead of paint. Metallic paints are especially difficult due to their reflective properties. Other variables also exist, such as differences between photo paper, rag paper, canvas, and other substrate differences. That being said, our proofing technicians are highly skilled color experts and produce outstanding work time and time again.


More Info Coming Soon


$$$ BARYTA PHOTO RAG: Cotton rag archival paper with exquisite semi-gloss sheen where ink is printed. Colors display rich and
strong. Perfect for professional artists that are particular about nuance in order to command a limited-edition price.

$ PHOTO MATTE: Flat sheen art paper with economical price



Under most circumstances, the time for us to capture your artwork digitally is 2 to 4 days, depending on our workload. We will need to keep your original art for the entire duration of the color-correction process.

Once you approve the file and it is in our archives, you may order prints at any time!

Rush Orders

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Does my order qualify to be rushed?

  • No art larger than 30 x 40 inches qualifies
  • No more than 3 pieces per order can be rushed
  • Only one rush per customer per three weeks
  • Excessive color correction requests may slow down your rush timeframe

What exactly does "RUSH" mean?

It simply means your order gets moved to the top of our work list. But that means you are jumping ahead of other customers, and we might need to pay employees overtime so that no one is underserved. Your extra fees make this possible.

What is the turnaround for rush orders?

A rush order may still take 1-5 business days. WE MAKE NO ABSOLUTE GUARANTEES.

Examples of Possible Scenarios:

1-Day Turnaround: If we are not super busy and it's a small watercolor that scans with one pass

3-Day Turnaround: If it's an oil painting with a few tricky colors like Ultramarine Blue or Cadmium Red

5-Day Turnaround: You have 3 large paintings

Remember, just because you can afford to pay more does not mean we can drop everything else. We will not get in a situation where we neglect our customers that placed non-rushed orders.

In the event we are just too busy...

If we are just too busy to take a rush order, we will contact you immediately and then process your order in our regular production workflow. A refund would be issued for the rush fee only.