WPF Printing Discounts For Artists

We are committed to being supportive of the artists in our community. For selling artists we want to offer a little extra savings. We give you an extra 10% discount on top of our regular prices if you meet the requirements below. We want to make the entry level of purchases to qualify as low as possible but there has to be some volume to qualify which means you have to make some initial investments before the program begins. From our research we know the products we offer in our print department are very competitively priced.

Many of you would like to have reproductions made of your artwork so you can resell them. For some of you this can be a profitable endeavor. Congratulations on having a small business!


  • $1000.00 within the first three months puts you into the program and gives you a $100.00 credit.
  • $2500.00 per year is required to keep the discount.
  • $7000.00 lifetime purchases grandfathers you into a permanent discount with no yearly volume necessary.


  • $3000.00 in the first 12 months comes with a $300.00 credit and an ongoing 10% discount on canvas purchases.
  • $3000.00 per year required to keep the discount.
  • Significantly larger volume purchases can ask for a special quote price.
The prices for discounts are on prints only. The savings are what are purchased through WPFPrint.com. We do not keep track of the amount that you spend in a year’s time. This is your responsibility. If you think you qualify let us know and we will look over your purchase history and make changes to your account for online pricing. Figuring your discounts start with your first orders date and continues annually. If you qualify for either paper or canvas but not the other we will give you a special quote.