We've Built A New Website For Printing Order Intake!

We want to share some good news about our printing department. We have built a new website that makes ordering, pricing and purchasing your printing MUCH easier and more precise. We have also made some changes that should greatly cut down on the processing time. Claudia, our longest term employee, has taken a new role in the print room, and we also hired Katey as our newest color correction specialist. Additional adjustments to our process have helped to drastically improve our turnaround time and transition us more smoothly to better serve you.

The new website:

  • Easily lets anyone price prints in any quantity and with any paper or canvas that we carry.
  • Shows the discounted prices that kick in at 2, 5 and 11 prints.
  • Shows registered customer’s images of the prints they order.
  • Makes it virtually impossible to get repeat orders wrong.
  • Helps our staff quickly do in store pricing for quotes and orders.

We want to thank Aaron for talking us into creating this website and for then learning a new computer language so he could build it. The fact that we have someone smart enough to build it in house means we can update and improve it at any time.

We have increased our prices on our new site. We have been using the same pricing structure with almost no changes for over six years. The new prices use different formulas than the old pricing and are more precisely correlated to today’s costs. They also have the exact same quantity discounts applied to all of the paper prints. The previous formula was not consistent. For these reasons we could not just do the same percentage price increase on all of the papers. Depending on the paper and the quantities that are purchased the price has changed from five to twenty percent. The good news is that you can easily enter the information in the website and see the pricing before you make a purchase. 

The price of a single print is $4.00 more than the 2-4 print pricing.

Purchase 2-4 prints starts saving you money.

Purchase 5-10 print saves you 16% from the 2-4 print quantity.                                           

Purchase 11+ print saves you 22% from the 2-4 print quantity.

These discounts apply to all of the paper prints in all sizes. They do not apply to canvas prints. Large quantities or ongoing volume purchases of stretched canvases will be quoted on an individual basis.



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